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Wednesday, 12 March 2008

50% There

You will be glad to hear that I made it through the first day of the inspection, virtually unscarred (lol). I had an inspector come in and observe my Year 12 class (Thank G-d it was them!!) and that went pretty well. He gave me some useful feedback, although the most gratifying bit was the part where he confirmed that he was pleased with the lesson (phew).

Wednesday is my heaviest day of the week, as I teach all five periods. There is a chance that I will be revisited again, so I can't relax quite yet, but I've done everything that I could to make sure that the inspector if he/she does turn up will be impressed with what's he/she sees going on in the class.

I know that, at the end of the day, its not as though my job is on the line if I give a crap lesson, but there is pressure (both internally and externally) to show my Department and by extension the school, in the best possible light, since people judge a school, wrongly or rightly, by their Ofsted report.

I'm charged up, my bag is laden with resources and I'm ready to rock.

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