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Wednesday, 19 September 2007

That Twinge Again

It's been two days since I got "the twinge" and I'm beginning to wonder if it was more of a message from my brain, recommending me to pace myself and calm down.

I am spending most of my waking days doing something school related, be it planning lessons, thinking about planning lessons, wondering whether my lessons are being properly planned, de-constructing the lesson after the planning has gone awry and basically living between classes.

It's got so bad that I'd convinced myself from the moment I woke up that today was Thursday. Please don't ask me why. Just remind me that it is still Wednesday.

It's not that I'm getting anal about teaching (well, ok yeah, I probably am), I just really want to do the very best I can in my new job, aware that next week, I'll be off for two days again for Sukkot and then, a week later, for another two days.

I have just about caught up from the two days I lost over Rosh Hashanah (well, really three, because I didn't do much on Wednesday evening, whereas, I usually use it to plan for the next day or two) and enjoying the fact that I've got a full week of lessons and some time to prepare for them.

I really love being orthodox, but this year, adhering the religion has really hit me for six, granted the amount of time I am currently making up for lost days that could be used for both planning and delivering lessons. I hope G-d rewards me for my dedication!!

Then again, if we're getting spiritual, maybe that twinge was less of a revelation and more of a prophecy!

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