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Wednesday, 28 June 2006

My Wife, The Biker Chick

When I left her this morning, Dana was doing her normal morning chores, getting the kids dressed, helping to find their shoes and putting them in the car. When I came home, my wife had been transformed - she was now a biker chick.

Cousin Just and his daughter, Cousin Astrid, have been staying with us since Monday. They came from Holland bringing along a rather snazzy motorbike. As they visit the London sites, the bike has been sitting on our driveway, looking rather dejected and downbeat.

Until this morning.

Just took Dana on a ride and, well, she just doesn’t seem to be the same person anymore. The kids got short shrift when I came home, as Dana’s eyes lit up excitedly, during the recounting of her adventures on the bike. Unfortunately, I didn’t get the chance to see her all dolled up in leathers, but from what I hear, a number of incriminating photographs have been taken.

Not to be outdone, I’ve booked my place for a similar experience tomorrow. Still, I know I won’t look as cool as my wife did this morning, not from what I’ve heard…


Tense Teacher said...

Watch out - you may come home one day and find a Harley in your driveway...and no company in the house.
I've threatened to do the same thing, but the Geek and I would fight over who got to ride one.

Just said...

Hi Teacher,

If you really want to looking just as cool or better as Dana, that is not a problem at all. Just hop over to Holland and I will take you on a wonderful ride with nice gear, photo session and all.

Thanks for the stay, by the way! It was really great.

The Teacher said...

Just, that sounds extremely tempting! It was great having you and your lovely daughter spend the week with us. Come back soon!