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Tuesday, 13 June 2006

Dana, My Guardian Angel

One of the by-products of my annual nightmare that is Hay Fever includes the occasional asthma attacks. The weather today has mostly consisted of rain, sun and more rain. One would think that the precipitation would help to dampen the pollen, but unfortunately, the opposite effect has happened and the humidity brought on by the rain has seriously affected the quality of the air.

As you will probably know, poor air quality triggers asthma.

I came home from school, wheezing away and wishing that I’d had the sense to get hold of a ventilator (called Ventolin) after last year’s attack. Dana saw me and insisted that I did have a ‘Ventolin’ lying about somewhere in the kitchen. As I sat down claiming that I didn’t. my guardian angel appeared, Ventolin in hand. Two puffs later and my asthma was history.

Dana, on this website, in front of the world, I want to express my indescribable gratitude to you. You helped me breathe freely once again and there is really nothing I can say that can explain how much I appreciate you right now.

No man could ever ask for a more incredible, supportive lifelong friend and partner than you.

Thank you so very, very much.

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