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Tuesday, 20 June 2006

Cool Devices (Literally Speaking)

I’ll admit it, I am definitely a gadget man. Usually, I go for the electronic variety but I understand people’s needs to buy electrical items.

A while back, Dana set her mind on getting an upright fridge and separate freezer. Before I had the chance to say “frozen chicken”, she had ordered the items and they were delivered this afternoon. I looked at them nonplussed.  I mean, a fridge is a fridge, right?

Dana is understandably very proud of her new additions to the kitchen. To be fair, she rules this part of the house, so I don’t really have the right to comment on whether or not we (or rather, she) needed to spend a helluvalot of money on two huge white, heat obsessed behemoths.

I didn’t however want to spoil her feeling of pride, so I didn’t say much (except complain that I couldn’t get the light to go off on the Sabbath…I won’t explain, but it’s a Jewish thing)…and then she subsequently came home with sack loads of shopping.

I casually emptied the contents of the bags into both towers (I’m not kidding) and it dawned on me how great these new temples of food are. The foodstuffs just seems to get lost in their new homes and still there is so much room. In short, These new family members are absolutely wonderful.

I am definitely converted and I have seen the light (well, sort of).

Yet again, Dana is way ahead of me.

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