All that you have is your soul (Tracy Chapman).

Saturday, 3 June 2006

The Authorised Crooks II

After my rant in the last posting, I felt it only right to update you as to what’s been going on.

I popped into the bank on Thursday and vented my frustration. Fortunately, I happened to come upon an employee who was sympathetic to my cause and did what he could to placate me – with a result that, although not perfect, at least showed me that the company still cared (a little) about their customers.

The insurance company also seem to be coming through for me, although these are early days and quite a lot still needs to happen for me to smile about the situation.

I’m just wondering whether any of the employees of either company happened to be reading my earlier posting…


buddha_girl said...

They may not have seen your first rant post...however, they sometimes cower (a tad) when confronted.

I'm glad you stood up for yourself rather than rolling over and accepting the kick in the shin!

The Teacher said...

Me too!