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Tuesday, 10 February 2009

Israel Decides

I've spent the evening creating resources for my Wednesday Year 8 class whilst watching CNN's coverage of the elections.

A few observations:

The staff at CNN really need to get some training in how to pronounce Hebrew names and words. Some of their attempts are truly shocking.

It looks like the right are winning and as a result, the Palestinians they've spoken to are quite pissed off about this. This knowledge alone has brightened up my evening. Every time the Arabs express satisfaction with the results of an Israeli election, I get worried. Watching the pathetic Mustafa Bargouti in New York calling the Israeli public "spoiled" because they've voted for right wing candidates was particularly satisfying.

If that's the best word he can use to describe my people, who are using the democratic process to express their views, then I know that they've made the correct decision. There's nothing quite as wonderful as seeing a Palestinian official admitting that he's screwed.

I heard what Avigdor Liberman had to say and although I don't subscribe entirely to his views, the guy made a lot of sense. He certainly wasn't the "fascist" Bargouti called him. Then again, I'm not representing a people who get a buzz from sending their kids out to blow themselves up and kill people.

What's really great however is hearing Jewish politicians like Netanyahu on CNN talking about our people running our country, making it clear that, despite the world's antagonism towards us, we are voting in our leaders, running our country and speaking Hebrew on international television.

It makes me so damn proud to be a Jew right now.

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bar paris said...

I hope the new governement will be for Peace !