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Sunday, 1 February 2009

Hugo Chavez - Our Newest And Oldest Foe

We Jews have unfortunately become attuned to being at the sharp end of numerous individuals' desires to blame someone for their misfortunes. Even before we got blamed for the Palestinian problem, we were still held responsible for just about every other catastrophe that happened in the world.

Jews are still being blamed by some for the death of Jesus. We were accused of spreading the Black Death in the Middle Ages and every time a child met his untimely death, this had to be as a result of our religious need to drink Christian blood or use the globules to add that special zesty taste to our matzos.

The latest incarnation of Antisemitic hate has just taken place in Venezuela where Hugo Chavez, who previously blamed us for the death of Christ, has decided that Israel, the demon state that it is must be cursed at every opportunity and shock horror, we Jews are less than honourable if we don't share in his psychotic worldview (he is mates with Ahmadinejad which tells you about whom you are dealing with) by condemning the Zionist Entity.

Well, not surprisingly, following their venerable President's lead in attacking the Jewish State (read that as "Jews"), a number of thugs have ransacked a Synagogue in Caracas and brought some very nasty memories back of the kind of damage we've all seen in those photos from Kristallnacht.

It won't be long till the Jewish community of 15,000 follows the example of many others through history and packs their bags, in order to move to less hostile waters. This is a case of history repeating itself once again.

I'm reminded of the comment at the end of Fiddler On The Roof for the reason why Jews always wear their hats. The reason is that (due to Anti Semitism), we don't stay long enough to take them off our heads. I can see that in the case of Venezuela, this is very much the case.

Watch the news, because in a short while, I perceive that the 50% or so of the community who haven't already emigrated will be doing so. This is sadly just another chapter in the ongoing story of the perennial Wandering Jew. Chavez may be using Israel's existence as a stick to beat us with, but we know exactly what that bastard is hoping for - a Judenrein (Jew Free) country.

Hugo, your mate Adolf would be so proud of you.

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Anonymous said...

Interesting how little news coverage the Hamas rockets received over the weekend. I think the press are waiting for a huge response before they go on about Israeli aggression once again.