All that you have is your soul (Tracy Chapman).

Sunday, 15 February 2009

Me circa 2009

I'm 41 years old and I still haven't worked out what it is that makes me tick. This much I can tell you about myself:

My heart is in the right place. Sometimes, the right place might be the wrong place, but I hope you know what I mean.

I'm a passionate person. This manifests itself through the views I hold on just about everything and the vile temper that I wish would stay bottled up.

I like people. I find them fascinating, frustrating, divine and deplorable. Without people surrounding me, I am but a shadow of myself. My family is my life, even if I forget it sometimes.

I love kids. Not in any sort of sexual way in case you think I'm some sort of pervert, but in the old fashioned way of loving their presence, ideas and outlook on life. Kids speak so much wisdom and sense and even through the mischief, they are able to express themselves in a way that few adults can. I think we should all remember that we were once a child.

I'm mad about music. Beatles, Simon & Garfunkel, Gershwin, Mozart, Klezmer et al. My life revolves around music. To be frank, music has always been my saviour - the friend that never lets me down.

I love being Jewish. I absolutely adore it. My entire life is plugged into the Jewish experience, whatever that is. From the moment I wake up to that last conscious second, I'm a proud, in your face Jew.

Israel exists inside every pore of my being. I can't even come close to describing this feeling.

I have found my perfect profession. Teaching can be a pain in the arse at times, but when it works and when those kids get it - it's magical.

I'm obsessed with computers. I wish I could spend less than 2 hours a day on the Internet, but I think that it's a physical impossibility. My excuse though is that if I don't get to a PC and check my email at least once a day, I have to trawl through 100 the next day. Funnily enough, this philosophy works until Shabbat comes in, at which time I hate the damn machine.

I adore humour. The only people I cannot relate to are those without a sense of humour. I didn't think they existed until I met a few people over the years. If you can't laugh, you won't live. Period.

That's me done for now. I've blogged, let it all out and explained myself.
The problem is that I don't quite know why, because in doing so, I'm no closer to figuring out what it is that really makes me tick.

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