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Sunday, 4 January 2009

"Take Care of Yourself" - Channel 10's News Coverage

Whilst thousands are marching around the world to protest Israel's campaign and the broadcasters on the BBC, Sky and CNN are doing what they can to promote Hamas's propaganda, I decided to see how Israeli news channels were reporting the war.

In today's broadband universe, it is amazing what one can get from the Internet if you know where to look. Aside from getting virtually all my news from Israeli websites, which report what is really going on as opposed to the BBC's fabrication, I have also been watching Israel Channel 10, a news channel that is independent of the Israeli Government.

What struck me about the reportage was the emphasis the presenter placed on this whole story being more than just Israel bombing Hamas.

After speaking to a reporter in Sderot, the anchor said a simple phrase "tishmor al atzmecha", which translates as "take care of yourself". The anchor actually told the reporter to be safe! I can't ever remember a single BBC or CNN or Sky anchor ever showing such concern to a front line reporter. They seem more intent on getting the latest updates from their colleague than demonstrating that simple human touch. Care.

What was next on the agenda? A discussion on how the children who were in the shelters were being psychologically affected by everything that was going on. The anchor seemed genuinely concerned about their welfare and futures.

Now you may think that I'm going soppy in my old age, but you would be missing the point of this blog. What differentiates us, the Jews, from the Arabs is the way we view human life. Israel is going out of its way to avoid hurting civilians. Its job would be made so much easier if Hamas didn't insist on hiding like cowards inside civilian centres and firing their rockets from schools, mosques and within the sanctity of private homes.

We care about our people and we care about others. You wouldn't know that from the demonisation that is currently going on in the world's media or indeed amongst so called "caring" people who didn't come out and demonstrate in their thousands when Israel's citizens were being bombarded by thousands of Kassams. Suddenly, when its the Palestinians, everyone is "bothered".

I can't fight armies of virulent anti Semites (because their claim of being "Anti Zionists but not Anti Semites" doesn't wash with me at all) but what I can do is try to redress the balance on this website.

I also know that when I return to school tomorrow, I will have to face a barrage of hostility from both students and fellow teachers who buy into the lies being peddled by the BBC and suchlike. My answer to them will be clear - in my opinion, I do not have a single problem in what Israel is doing now. In fact, the IDF has my absolute support in doing what it can to protect the countries' civilians at the same time as making it clear that to us - Israel and me - "take care of yourself" is what underscores our entire faith.

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