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Wednesday, 14 January 2009

Explaining The Videos

I feel that I should explain why you suddenly find a slew of YouTube videos filling up the Scribbler web space.

You might have come to the erroneous conclusion that this blog was being run by an auto bot who decided to get lazy and just sign over his rights to YouTube for the foreseeable future. I'm afraid the reality is a tad more conventional than that!

It's quite simple. I am absolutely disgusted with the image of what is happening in Gaza, as presented by the likes of the BBC, CNN, The Guardian, New York Times.....need I go on?

So I've decided to do my little bit to jolly along that old boring thing called "the truth", or least something akin to it. Veteran site watchers no doubt know where I stand when it comes to Israel. I am no way an apologist for everything the country does (they've still got Olmert as PM, despite the fact that the man is undoubtedly not up to the job - he should have been kicked out years ago), but I do feel that it comes for some very unfair criticism.

Hence the need to redress the balance by showing "the other side". The one which doesn't whitewash the evil nature of the Hamas regime in both subjugating the Palestinian people whilst at the same time warmongering against the Israelis.

A case in point can be divined from some of the videos you will have witnessed here. Who in their right mind would set up bombs in a zoo? To compound this, they then set up a direct link from the zoo to a nearby school, so that, if tripped, the bombs will cause untold destruction to both animal and human (the fact that children are concerned is even more disturbing).

I'm not making this up and the IDF certainly did NOT stage the disturbing find - as opposed to some Palestinians who have become Oscar-worthy in their acting abilities when it comes to staging so called "Israeli attacks" which have never taken place.

Who in their right mind would use a place of worship to store armaments?

I want you to look at those videos and see the other side of the story. The part that Hamas will not admit to. The tragic abuse of the Palestinians as Human Shields in order to score brownie points in the world's media, irrespective of the loss of human life.

Where are the Hamas leaders now? Are they also living in the rat holes, sorry tunnels, they've made to either kidnap Israeli soldiers or ferry arms through? Where are they? Where is Hamas when its people needs it?

I'll tell you where.

They are busy ferrying people to booby-trapped schools and mosques. Houses and squares, waiting to see if Israel - legitimately defending the incessant bombing of its people by sophisticated weaponry such as Iranian Grad missiles - come looking for them, only to tragically fall into a trap and kill innocents.

A video can say more than I will ever manage in these heartfelt utterances. I ask you to look, yes, question what you see - but wonder as to the depth these "people" will go to, in order to further their nefarious ambitions.

Remember that Israel left Gaza many months ago and then ask yourself why on earth - why on earth - they would want to be back?

Happy viewing everybody.

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