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Tuesday, 6 January 2009

Message For Hamas: Don't Screw With The Jews

Here's a special message for any Hamasniks reading this:

If you fire missiles at our people,
If you use innocent Palestinians as human shields,
If you cynically hide bombs in schools, houses, gardens, hospitals and mosques...

We will hit you back.
We will kill your leaders.
We will find you.
We will take you and your families out.
We will crush you.
We will use whatever force we have at our disposal to get the message across.

And the message?

Don't screw with the Jews.

We beat Hitler.
We outlived the Soviets
We overcame the millennia of persecution.

If the Third Reich, the Crusaders the Roman and Greek Empires couldn't vanquish us, you don't stand a chance.

The world can criticise us as much as it wants. The UN can pass as many declarations as it wants. It won't make a difference, because although we may stop for now, we will never go away.

Do you get the message?

Let me repeat it.


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