All that you have is your soul (Tracy Chapman).

Thursday, 27 December 2007

Power Kills

What is it about the lust for power that made an intelligent person like Benazir Bhutto end her eight year exile in relative safety, ultimately to leave this earth in a pool of her own blood?

It is not as though she didn't know she was living on borrowed time. No sooner had she arrived back in Pakistan, than an attempt was made on her life.

So why stay?

Why risk the most important thing she had?

Was gaining power worth it?

I just can't understand her reasoning for coming back and staying. She could have gone back into exile and called it a day for her political career - I don't think she had would have had a problem finding a job. However, she stayed, knowing she was a target. Its a no-brainer.

So another world leader succumbs to the lethal vanity of power and her death ends up being another statistic to add to the over-bloodied board of political assassinations.

Forget the simplistic adage about power corrupting.
In plain and simple words - it kills.

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