All that you have is your soul (Tracy Chapman).

Tuesday, 18 December 2007

15 Weaks Later

No, the title isn't a misprint.

Imagine you were looking at me right now (a frightful thought I know). If you were, you would see a face that's been through the scholastic wars.

My nose is blocked, my throat went on holiday about a week ago, but was kind enough to leave me with a voice and my eyes are so darkened by their dark southern pockets, that I've started wondering if I'll ever resemble any member of my family.

Yes folks. I've survived the first fifteen weeks (or is that weaks) at my new school.

However, it hasn't been too bad. In fact, at times, I've even had some fun. The work is at times crushing, the kids, often even more so, but I'm kind of addicted to the place. I don't know why I work so damn so hard, but I feel that it's something I just have to do.

Am I making any sense?

I am definitely going to do my best to enjoy this holiday and proverbially chill out. I have a lot of take-home work, but I point-blank refuse to let it get in the way of enjoying my generous "three full weekends" off. Whilst other schools are hitting their Xmas decks on Friday, we have the good grace to quit whilst we're ahead (and the kids aren't as hyper as I'm become accustomed to) and bid adieu to the first term of the 2007-8 academic year, as of 1.00 tomorrow afternoon.

Believe me though, this break hasn't come a second too soon. I need those eye-pockets to sink back into obscurity, at least until the Easter break.