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Thursday, 6 December 2007

Absolutely Breathtaking

I'm conducting a totally unscientific (but highly appropriate) experiment.

I want you to put your hand up if you believe that Iran stopped it's nuclear reactor program back in 2003?

You can put your hand down now-if it is raised.

Please put your hand up if you think that the so-called declaration that the Iranians were no longer involved in their missile program, had less to do with concrete fact and more to do with saving the last vestiges of President Bush's rapidly diminishing credibility?

Do you feel sort of silly sitting there scaring at a screen, with your hand in the air? It's OK, you're in good company.

I really don't know what the Americans are up to. If they were hoping to pull off some sort of vanishing trick (e.g. the disappearance of tangible evidence that the program is no longer operational), they should have looked to aping David Copperfield, instead of the late, lamented Tommy Cooper (a British magician who had a knack of botching every trick he attempted - on purpose of course).

Every intelligence agency worth its salt knows what Iran is up to, from MI5 through to the Mossad. Granted, it is true that they don't how far the program has progressed, but, never, in a million years, would they dein to suggest that the Iranians have been pulling the wool over the world's eyes by not even developing their reactors in the first place.

This act of breathtaking stupidity, because I really can't think of another way of describing it, has given that fruitcake in Iran the green light to go ahead and do whatever he wants (coupled with a sickening show of arrogance) on the nuclear front. The Israelis can hardly believe that their greatest ally would carry out this sort of reckless manoeuvre, right at the critical moment where Iran will reach the point of no return in their obsession to go nuclear.

Of course, you could say that I really don't know what I'm saying and that the Americans are absolutely correct in their assumption.

For once, I will admit that I hope you're right, because if I am proved correct, we are all in for a very rocky time - all thanks to that moronic imbecile in the White House.

If I'm wrong, I apologise and look forward to Herr Ahmedinejad joining the small roster of responsible, lunatic statesmen.

Qaddafi and Chavez will be so proud of him.

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