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Monday, 31 December 2007

Out With The Old And In With The Old

2007 eh?

What a year.

I always find it quite a challenge to think back over the previous eleven months. January 2007 seems like such a distant world. The only thing I really remember from that time is the execution of Saddam Hussein. Isn't that tragic? Isn't it sad that I lived through thirty one days of a month and I only remember one horrific moment.

It gets worse. I remember February primarily because of our trip to Eilat - and that's it. Then again, it is a more pleasant memory.

I suppose I should remember this year because it was the last one I lived through before crashing into the ginormous 4 0. It hasn't been an easy annum either. I endured a lot of shit in my last school and although I am much happier, I'm also much more hassled and stressed, trying to keep up with the crushing workload.

I take this all in my stride because I hope that the next academic year will be easier, granted that I will have been in my current post for a full year.

So what do I hope for 2008?

Well, it would be nice to hear of some good news for once.

What with Benazir Bhutto's assassination becoming scarily farcical, Iran racing towards nuclear crazydom (despite America's laughable and highly problematic recent assessment), Israel about to divide Jerusalem if Bush and Olmert have their way and the British Government doing everything in it's power to lose just about every Briton's personal data- things don't look too hot from down here.

Then again, on the plus side, Israel will hit 60 in May and that is a huge cause for celebration.

You could look at the cup/glass and hope for the glint of champagne to appear and fill up that upper half. Then again, I suppose you should be glad for being anywhere near a cup in the first place..

Happy 2008 one and all.

Let's hope it's a year to remember - for all the right reasons.

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