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Saturday, 11 August 2007

On The 11th, For Our 11th...

Today, Dana and I celebrated out eleventh wedding anniversary. I'm not quite sure how we've managed to make it thus far, but amazingly we have - and we are blessed with four wonderful daughters for our efforts.

This was really the first year when the girls did something special for this occasion. Dassi and Shira (who despite her spotty appearance is coping admirably with the pox) prepared a glorious fruit salad, laid the table, replete with the named clogs cousin J. gave us last year as place markers and we were even treated to to a set of wine glasses (although a third one was broken in the haste...reminiscent of what happened ten years ago under the chupah, as Dana commented).

The icing on the cake, as it were, was a special musical performance by all four, in wonderful harmony and synchronisation. These were really lovely moments.

So we've got here and we're still smiling (well, I am). Eleven years on and the future looks sort of green, with patches of red at times.

Happy 11th Anniversary, Mrs Scribbler!!

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