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Sunday, 13 November 2005

Wanted: iPod Mavens

To my delight, my extraordinarily generous parents are offering me an iPod for my birthday (1st December - please note it down).

The only problem is that I don't know which one to ask for. I am less concerned with the amount of storage, than actually choosing a model which doesn't run out of juice after five minutes (or so to speak). I hear that the Nano scratches easily, whilst the bigger model drinks batteries in the same way that an SUV guzzles petrol.

Do I go for a 20GB iPod or sacrifice memory for a Mini? Should I forget both and opt for a Nano? My bottom line is that I'd be happy with a model that holds 1000+ songs, is easy to use and gives a good run on batteries. I do not want a Shuffle though.

Any iPod gurus out there?
Which model would you choose?


Just said...

The Nano, I would say! So small, enough storage to hold song for the holiday (any holiday) and all the Apple magic.

Of course the full-size iPods are wonderful too ...

The Teacher said...

Thanks Just. I was nearly convinced until the spoiler...."full size iPods are wonderful too".

....back to the drawing board then?