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Thursday, 10 November 2005

Utter Madness

Yesterday, three significant events took place around the world.

Firstly, a suicide bomber killed nearly sixty people in Jordan. Secondly, Australian Police disclosed details of a plot to carry out numerous terrorist attacks around the country and thirdly – and this is the one that totally baffles me – the British Government ruled against Tony Blair’s Bill (backed by the Police and Security Services) to detain terror suspects for up to ninety days without charge.

Keeping in mind the fact that London was bombed four months ago and terrorist atrocities are taking place all around the world, could someone please explain the logic of curtailing the Police’s powers to prevent more attacks?

I’m sorry but I don’t buy the “what if they arrest the wrong man?” crap. We are at war, people. War! These are not normal times (and by the way, does anyone remember living in “normal times”?) and so the rules of engagement are totally different.

There is a concerted campaign by some fruitcakes around the world, to pulverise as many innocent people as they can - in any one attack. If the Police say they need ninety days, give them the time. Hell, if they need twice as long, give it to them.

I am sick to death of the na├»ve, left-wing, bleeding-heart arseholes who dictate the UK’s agenda. Of course, every wannabee terrorist in the British Isles will be no doubt be laughing his head off, musing at how utterly pathetic the British politicos are (particularly those who make up a sizeable majority of the Labour party).

Yesterday was no less than an invitation to the terrorists to bomb the UK yet again.

Never mind though. If you can manage to fool the security forces for twenty eight days and one hour, you’re out - and free to launch another devastating attack.


Larrythelamb said...

Claude, dear.....

what will you now say to my "Greek" client who was stopped, arrested and ON REMAND for 10 months last year, why?... coz he looked like a bomber.

He was released, without charge, without an apology, without compensation..... to a destroyed business, all because he LOOKED like a terrorist.

90 days is a long time, so is 10 months, for the innocent person......

Its a bloody hard decision and i see both sides of the issue.

Terrible shame that wedding bomb, awful thing the other 2 hotel bombs..... crazy news EVERY morning from Iraq with these young policemen going to work..... they must bomb a queue every morning.

Just have a re-think on your comments after thinking about my businessman greek client, who almost lost his business.


The Teacher said...

I would say to the same thing to your client that was I would have said had I met the family of the Brazilian shot by the police:

"You are another victim of terrorism". Unfortunately, for each innocent victim there are at least twice as many (if not more) terrorists who have been caught before carrying out attacks.

Larry, as I wrote, we are in a war situation and so extreme measures are not only desirable, but absolutely critical.

Yes, there will be mistakes, but I'd rather some poor guy being locked up needlessly - as cold and heartless as this sounds - than taking the risks entailed through the curtailment of the Police's powers in stopping terrorists.

This is war, make no mistake about it. We are at war.

As always... Rachael said...

The word "suspect" is awfully broad in scope. It could be used to justify racial profiling and outright racism. A policy like that would make me awfully nervous. Middle easterns today... who's next?