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Sunday, 6 November 2005

As If

As if Thursday's incident wasn't bad enough, I had a run-in with another kid yesterday.

He spent virtually the whole lesson working on something else that had nothing to do with my lesson. I repeatedly told him to get back to work on my subject and he ignored me, intimating aggressively that I was "picking on him" whilst the others weren't working either (go figure a 15 year old's logic).

I gave him a worksheet which he ignored and when challenged, said that I hadn't told him that he had to "fill it in". I told him to do so but when I returned, he was still focussed on something else.

I'd had enough, so I took his work, scrunched it up and threw it in the bin. He started swearing at me, using the "F" word numerous times. I sent him out of the class.

Ok. I could have handled this differently. Admittedly, I shouldn't have thrown his work in the bin and I accept that it probably wasn't the smartest thing to do. In hindsight, maybe I should have asked for him to be removed, thereby avoiding the kind of confrontation that took place.

Teaching can be absolutely dreadful at times. I'm constantly evaluating and re-evaluating what I'm doing and whether I could use some different methodologies. Yesterday's experience was not particularly pleasant but I guess that it's par for the course.

I've made my bed. Sometimes, I wish I could find a way of sleeping in it.

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Just said...

Hi Teacher,

Nothing wrong at all with the way you handled that kid in my humble opinion. He raised "war" on you and he got it smashed back in the face. It is up to the school to handle this further as it is a most serious situation. Not especially for that kid, but for all others needing and some really wanting decent education!

I met a German gentleman of my age and a very experienced teacher as well. We discussed how things were going in modern society and my concerns how things go here in Holland. he said it was same in his job. Worse: he said ironically he felt all had had education and all felt they were experts in teaching too. Thinking myself about changing to teaching I am glad he told me that.

On the better side: the boy I gave extra lessons in English to to improve his final exam results and his changes to be admitted to University is now indeed studying medecine. Better still, he let me know many of the books were in English and he was very happy with his improved skills in that respect too