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Monday, 27 October 2008

Add Some Music To Your Day

I've changed the Seeqpod music play list in the right hand column with what I believe is a more representative sample of the kind of stuff I like to listen to. In doing so, I've included two of my all time favourite pieces of Classical Musical, namely the intermezzo from Cavalleria Rusticana as well as Clair de Lune, which I really wish I could play on piano. I did try learning it years ago but gave up the ghost after the first few bars. I remember falling in love with Cavalleria the minute I heard it so elegiacally interwoven into the fight scenes of Raging Bull.

To start things off, I've added Stan Getz's magical Desafinado. If you're staying here for a while, do keep listening and I think you'll hear quite an eclectic choice of pieces.

I would recommend that you use Internet Explorer if you wish to listen to the player as it doesn't seem to work as well in either Firefox or Google Chrome (I can't vouch for the Opera browser or any others because I tend to stick with the three I've mentioned).

I discovered the Mamas and Papas' Safe In My Garden on a tape compilation years ago and really loved the harmonies. I also wanted to prove that I can listen to and enjoy music which has nary a Beatle anywhere in the vicinity.

The title of this blog echoes the wonderful Brian Wilson song on the Beach Boys' Sunflower album, which is a lovely piece of work.

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