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Sunday, 17 February 2008

A Hearty Mazel Tov To The Brand New State Of Kosovo!

It is not often that we get to celebrate the birth of a brand new state. I know that this was a regular occurence about twenty or so years ago, but these days, it is not something that we hear every day.

Right about now, Kosovars are still walking around in some sort of daydream, fully aware that their declaration will no doubt incur the wrath of both Serbia and Russia and Lord knows what the next few weeks may bring about.

I feel for them.

Nearly sixty years ago, our people did the same thing, against the "good advice" proferred to us by our Arab brethren and many other so-called friends around the world. Sixty years on, anyone who gives a damn about being Jewish, knows that we did the right thing, irrespective of how much people criticise Israel and the Israelis.

I don't know what will happen with regards to Kosovo, but I fervently hope that this day is the beginning of a great period for that unfortunate country. Now go and do the correct thing and establish immediate relations with Israel!

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