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Monday, 29 January 2007

Hello Eilat

I guess I wrote too soon yesterday, what with the suicide bombing in Eilat this morning.

Did I happen to mention that I'm going to be staying in that very resort in less than two weeks? I suppose it comes as no comfort to know that this was the first such attack in Eilat. Presumably, security will be up and we'll certainly feel the effects when we land in Ovda airport.

The trip is designed to celebrate Talia's eighth birthday and we are both guests of my extraordinarily generous parents, who, if you recall, invited Dassi and myself to the States about a year and a half ago when she too hit the big number.

The bombing was not the best news I could have hoped for today and my prayers go out to the bereaved families (aside from the relatives of the bomber - apparently, his mother knew about the attack and felt pride at her son's sacrifice. Need I say any more?) .

However, we must keep our heads high and flash those smiles. I am of the firm belief that everything that happens to us is through G-d's will and with this in mind, He will protect all of us when we go out there for a week. If you consider the alternative, you might as well lock yourself up in your house and wait for the sky to fall in.

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