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Wednesday, 15 November 2006

Bad News For Israel's Image

This is the text of an email I received this morning:

"Al-Jazeera launches a pan-Arab English TV channel

Dear friend of

We would like to take this opportunity to thank you once again for your constant support of JerusalemOnline.

JerusalemOnline’s primary goals are to strengthen the relationship between Israel and English speakers around the world and to bridge the informational gap that exists in the international media today. In addition – we try to improve Israel's image in the world by providing our viewers with honest and balanced content.

Israel and its worldwide supporters are facing a new challenge.

Last week we learned that Al-Jazeera is about to launch an English language offshoot of its pan-Arab television channel on November 15th. Al-Jazeera's plan is to broadcast its news content in English, on television and via the Internet, all in an effort to promote its agenda around the world.

To read more about Al-Jazeera plans -
click here

This latest development means that JerusalemOnline's purpose is more important than ever. Therefore, your help in distributing our web address,, to English speakers around the world, both Israel supporters and others, is needed.

Please send this e-mail to your e-mail database (friends, organizations' members, co-workers etc.) and tell them about JerusalemOnline, the first-of-a-kind, to-the-point, balanced news update that is provided by Channel 2 News, Israel’s leading television news source. In addition – we are currently seeking the resources needed in order to face this new challenge posed by Al-Jazeera. Your help is important. For more info please contact us.

JerusalemOnline was founded and developed as a business with a clear purpose. This is not just another news service. We really care about helping Israel in its uphill battle against biased media coverage. We really dream of a change in the region. We want to improve Israel's image by broadcasting true and accurate information.

With your support – we believe it is possible to make the dream comes true. Help us by sending the link and by joining our efforts to raise the necessary resources in order to face the challenges ahead.

One day the world will see Israel as it really is. It's all up to all of us.

Yours truly,

Doron Landau and Itai Green
The founders"

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