All that you have is your soul (Tracy Chapman).

Sunday, 22 June 2008


I now find myself BUI. I guess it happens sometimes, though not that often. It definitely has an effect on me, one that I can't tangibly explain away.

Yes folks, I'm blogging under the influence.

So, has the teaching toll finally got to me? Am I shooting up or drinking down? Am I developing a tobacco habit?

None of the above.

I'm listening to The Eagles "Long Road Out Of Eden" and it's doing some very weird things to my mind. If you know the album, I'm listening to the second CD, last good time in town. No reason other than that.

I've got my lessons prepared for tomorrow and I really can't be bothered to start thinking about Tuesday yet. New song: I love to watch a woman dance.

Anyway, where was I. Oh yes. Lessons. Damn lessons. Love them really. The kids are bored shitless, which is a shame because I have fun delivering them. I guess that's the fun bit of being in school.

The wife and kids are upstairs and the girls seem to have settled down, having realised that they are too tired to inflict any more pain on each other. I mean, how many times can you get a thrill out of bending your sister's fingers back to the point just before they break? It gets boring, even when you are aged seven.

Poor Dana is as sick as a dog. She's spluttering all over the place and I don't know what I can do to make her feel better. I've offered her the usual drugs (no, not those kind!) and occasionally, she humours me and agrees to take them. Poor girl.

Business as Usual. Now, there's a meaningful song. Then again, maybe I'm missing the point of the song.

I'm an only child. The only fingers I broke (I didn't restrain myself) were those of my Action Man dolls. It's a shame because they couldn't hold their WW2 Webley pistols after that. British Army standard issue I believe.

Centre of the universe. I can't say I feel like that, right now. It's amazing that I'm listening to an Eagles album from 2007. Who'd have guessed?

It was hard being an only child. I suppose I've got used to it by now. Hell, I've had 40 years practice. Every now and then, I find it hard to cope with the kind of noise that comes as a result of having more than one child in the house. I like my own space. You get very protective of that when you're growing up as an O.C.

That's the way it was meant to be.

I like this song: It's your world now. Reminiscent of Tequila Sunrise.
2007 eh?

So I took the girls to see a cousin who is over here from Israel. We walked to Buckingham Palace. I couldn't believe it was the first time they'd been there (or maybe, the first time with me). We wanted to go and say hello to Lizzie, but she didn't invite us in. The flag was flying, so she really had no excuse. I'm definitely returning my MBE, if I ever get one.

I worked out that I've got a full four weeks left of school (it was a quiet moment). I'm glad that we're finally hitting the end of the year, because I've had enough....and we're into the last song: Hole in the world.

I can hear the last chords and so this stream of consciousness entry must come to it's logical close. It's a good album.

It's an even better album if you get a blog out of listening to it.

Here's to the next Eagles effort. My blog needs some more postings like this (doesn't it?).

End of song.
End of post.

Fade out............................

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