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Sunday, 15 June 2008


Hello friends.

I'm writing to you as I am currently suffering from a rare condition, known only as BG.

You will no doubt be trying to work out what BG could possibly stand for.

The Zionists amongst you, will of course jump to the conclusion that I am referring to my admiration for the great David Ben Gurion and my longing for his return to sort out the problems in Israel. Although a worthy idea, you're totally wrong.

Others might think that my BG condition stems from the lack of recordings I have that were made by the wonderful Brothers Gibb. Again, you are mistaken.

Finally, you might think that this condition is linked in some way to a recent bill that I might have received from British Gas. Sadly, you're barking up the wrong central heating vent, because I'm not even one of their customers.

No dear, friends, my BG condition is much more serious than any of the above. I have been self-diagnosed as suffering from what can only be described as an acute case of Blogger's Guilt.

This rare condition is brought on by the simple question posed to me by numerous friends as to why I haven't updated my blog recently. I've tried to think of the usual pat answers like:
"I've been very busy recently with school work" or "I haven't found anything interesting to write about", but in all honesty, these are just lies, fabricated on the spot to disguise the real truth - I haven't been inspired enough to add a blog and the longer I stay away, the worse my guilt, as I become frightened of noting the date of my last entry.

Please don't misunderstand me. I am really touched that people still care enough to pop by and see what I've been up to. Additionally, their heartfelt inquiries only serve to give me a well deserved kick up the proverbial and egg me on to add some newer posts to the roster. That said, I suppose the only way to rid myself of my BG is to make that effort to update the site - something that I will endeavour to do on a more frequent basis.

Yes, I have been busy with school work to the extent that I've had precious little time to read my emails, let alone add some posts, but that really shouldn't be an excuse for people to feel disappointed when they go to this site and see some date in "May" as being the last time I felt I had something interesting to write.

So here goes, a blog to beat all blogs - I'm on a roll now!

My family
I still love them all. we drive each other crazy, but have some incredible times.

I don't trust the man and I really don't like his pro-Palestinian advisers. Nothing he has said or done convinces me that he would be anything but a disaster for America, Israel and the Jewish world. He says he wants to talk to Iran.
Nuff said.

Petrol Prices
I don't know what's going on, but I don't like it. It used to cost me £27 to fill up my Fiesta. Now it costs me nearly £40. The Government needs to cut taxes if they want to have a chance of ever seeing their Prime Minister running the UK for the next five years.

Violence on the streets of London
This is sickening. Every time I hear about another teenager being stabbed or shot, my heart sinks. How long will it be until one of the kids I teach ends up being a victim (Heaven forbid)? Mayor Boris (whom I voted for, I don't mind adding) needs to do something about this. NOW.

The price of food
See Petrol Prices above.

I'm counting down the days until the end of term. My Year 10 reports are done, so that's a weight off my shoulders. We're into the last half of June - classrooms are hot, the kids are disinterested as they can smell Summer and we're just carrying on, hoping to teach them something - anything(!) before they leave the school gates on the last day of term.

My Hay Fever
This has returned with a vengeance, but I'm anti-histamined up and ready to roll. I can't wait though for mid-July when I can truly enjoy the summer.

So there you have it, an update of what's going on in my mind (well, as least the bits I'm willing to share). My Blogger's Guilt has been assuaged for now and I hope I've managed to keep my friends happy at the same time.

Please keep coming back, I will try to write ASAP.


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