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Thursday, 24 April 2008

The Non-Striking Teacher

It has definitely been a bizarre yet productive day at school. The Year 12's were in, but precious few teachers and even fewer kids showed up.

I'm one of the teachers whose union is not striking, so although I've had to come in, the day has afforded me the opportunity to catch up with some work and prepare my lessons for the next few days, granted that I won't be able to do so over the weekend, as it is Chag again (the second part of the Pesach festival) and to be honest, I don't feel like starting getting Monday's lessons sorted out after having re-arranged the house, post Pesach, on Sunday night.

One's work as a teacher is never complete and I believe that if I spent 24 hours doing school work, I still wouldn't get everything finished! So you go with the ebb and flow, making sure that you work smartly and keep your head above the waves. Sooner or later, all the work does get sorted out - although sometimes, you're up waaaaaaaaaay too late, making sure that you'll hit the deadline!

I can also add that, as bad as it can get, nothing compares with preparing for an Ofsted - and we've had ours (as you well know).

Tomorrow, it is business as usual - just in time for the re-emergence of Pesach and the obligatory re-classification of work (i.e. I won't think about school until late on Sunday night).

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