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Thursday, 11 June 2009

Hate Does Not Disciminate

It breaks my heart.
It truly breaks my heart.

Yesterday, in Washington DC, an 88 year old pathetic excuse for a human being walked into a museum and shot a guard dead.

Let's rephrase that.

A white man walked into a building owned by Jews and shot a black man dead.

The building housed the Holocaust Museum.

The Holocaust is by far the most shocking example of man's inhumanity towards his fellow creature. It represents everything that is reprehensible about human-kind and yet, the ultimate irony is that a white supremacist used this location -this very location, to demonstrate exactly what was so inconceivable, but seventy years ago.

Where do we go from here?
What have we learned?
How, in G-d's name (or lack thereof), can so little have been learned in so much time?

The only thing to say, I suppose is that for every piece of homosapien waste that walks the earth, there are (hopefully) many many others humans who use their lives for a more positive purpose.

I hope that the eighty-eight year old doesn't die. I hope that he lives and suffers long enough to see that, when it comes to it, the only message that comes out of something as horrific as the Holocaust is the destruction of the warped ideals that he obviously believes in.

At 88 years old, he won't change his views, but that doesn't mean that we shouldn't totally despise every single thing that this execrable human being believes in.

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