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Tuesday, 5 May 2009

Shock Horror - I's Still At It!

I know myself.

There are certain things that I can guarantee I will always do, day after day after day.Exercising is not one of them.

Well, that's not quite true - or doesn't seem to three-and-a-half months on.

Do you remember that post I wrote back in January, telling you all about the fitness regime that I was undertaking in the humble surroundings of my living room? You can read the original post here.

That was back in January and to my surprise, I'm still doing it, quite a few months on.

So what's my secret?

It's twofold.

a) I've incorporated it into my "getting up" routine as I like to name it. I wake up, look at the alarm clock, do a few other morning things (which I won't go into here!) and make my way down to the darkened living room. I then lay a blanket on the parquet floor and use it as my exercise mat. Every day. Like clockwork. In the dark. This is augmented by a Rocky-style regime of three steps up and down the staircase, carried out fifty times daily.

b) I've discovered the results of my endeavours. I feel absolutely fantastic (once my heartbeat has calmed down). I can now do things that I thought would forever be alien to me - like walking at a brisk pace without clutching my legs/side/heart.

Now before you start wondering if I've become a little too self-obsessed with my physique, let me reassure you that I am not turning into Orpheus quite yet. I just want to share with you the notion of feeling good inside.

The results of the exercises have also mysteriously given me more self-confidence. I promise you that when you feel good inside, it manifests in the way that you treat others. I find that I am far less stressed - although you wouldn't believe it if you saw me during the last few weeks, granted the pressure I am under as a teacher - and more able to deal with the little matters that might ordinarily niggle me more.

OK. I'm going to stop, because I'm beginning to sound like an irritating convert-to-the-latest-cause. However, if you do want to know what my secret is, please email me on and I'll provide you with all the details.

One note of caution though, please don't undertake the regime without the proper medical advice from your doctor.

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